Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Self Portrait 2016
I want to keep a current picture, updating once a year … ish. This year I chose a simple studio image with a retro twist as an attribute to my travel partner, my dad. The camera I hold is his. I lost dad five years ago.
I spent the first two years after his passing mad at him for dyeing. I had started my first venture into nature and wildlife photography earlier that year he died. I took a trip west to see family and work on my portfolio. We spent two week out shooting. We laughed, challenged each other, explored and hiked. We saw the most amazing storm and sunset. Tens of thousands of dollars of gear sat in the back of the vehicle, however we decided to see who the better photographer is and shot the evening with point and shoot cameras. We had no idea that incredible evening would be the last time we would get to shoot together. A few days later we learned his fate, he would leave an empty spot on this earth far too soon and I let go of my dream.
My photography career over the past 29 years has taken me down many of a road. It’s been almost 18 months since I packed my portrait studio into storage unit and turned the page on my portrait chapter to start a new. My first year in the nature and wildlife field end up being a year of building a portfolio and healing. I found dad’s spirit on the road. I’ll admit it, I wondering down trails talking to myself, it's a good thing to do in bear country too. A full conversation, it’s my dad time. I fond him in to wild. The place he loved so much. Now, before I leave on a trip, I open my door ask my dad if he is ready to hit the road again. There are days I would give anything to talk to him about my work, he was my toughest critic and my biggest cheerleader. Too many times I feel lost without him. I did not realize how much I relied on him until he was gone. I am no longer mad at dad, I am thankful and enjoying the journey.