Saturday, March 24, 2018

Blue In The Face

Earlier this week someone hit the Roebling Bridge causing authorities to be closed the bridge to all vehicles until repairs can be made.  Cincinnati photographers, myself included, have flocked to the bridge to take advantage of the opportunity to safely photograph the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge.

The second winter storm of our new spring season moved in this morning. Hoping the weather would keep most photographers away, I woke at 5 am to head to Cincinnati. Early morning plus snowstorm equaled a win for me. It was just me and my friend Michelle. We took pictures until Michell was blue in the face. Literally, she was so cold she was turning blue! That is what I call a good friend, hang with me until she is on the edge of hypothermia. 

No Michelle's where hurt in the making of this image. :) 

Roebling Bridge pre-sunrise in B&W / Elle Pollard 2018

Friday, March 23, 2018

I'm a photographer, not an accountant.

I'm a photographer, not an accountant.  I am excited to team up with QuickBooks Self-Employed. No more piles of receipts like this and hours of data entry for this photographer.  Get 50% off for 12 months with this link:  


My old system of tracking receipts before QuickBooks Self-Employed / Elle Pollard 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018

What if

What if spiteful words and actions could not hurt

What if instead of reacting, I reflect

What if I see the hurt I bare as a mirror, exposing my fears or self-loathing

What if I do not try to change the other person but amend the one I can, me

What if I use the experience to rise, expand my self-awareness and improve my core

What if I embrace the hate turning it into positive growth

What if I convert the self-torcher to self-love

What if I slay the bitterness with amorous awareness

What if the venom is no longer viable

~Elle Pollard
What if / Elle Pollard

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Common Misidentification

The misidentification of this species is common.  Encounters often happen in a scene where human gather to observe a passing coyote, like the one where I captured this image. Correct identification can be difficult. I am referring to the misidentification of the human species in the wilds. You will know them by their howls "wolf, wolf" when a coyote is present.  These humans fall into two sub-species categories, the imalwaysright urwrong, and the idontknowthat wowthanks.

When addressing the imalwaysright urwrong, it is best not engage once identified. This sub-species is abrasive, have been known to become aggressive when a "coyote" call counters the "wolf" cries.  I have found the best reaction is to remain calm, slowly back away while issuing a distracting statement, "and did you see the coyote, too?"  Discontinue all interaction. Do not make further eye contact. Immediately seek a new location.

The Idontknowthat wowthanks is better suited to adapt and comprehend when presented with a different call.   An additional factual statement like, "its ears are taller and pointed unlike a wolf's that are shorter and rounded," makes their head tilts inquisitively. This group will relax and be attentive as if they are trying to gain knowledge for future use. This amicable sub-species is safe to feed information, "the coyote's muzzle is narrow or slender and pointed, while the wolf's muzzles are shorter and blockier."  Most will remain open and eager to learn. However,  few have shown a submissive demeanor by dropping their head.  Speaking in a reassuring voice to the wistful human, "misidentifying wolves for coyotes is a common mistake."  Slow, pleasant movements and vocalization is the best reaction.

Understanding the differences between the two sub-species will aid in proper identifications.
Coyote in the snow, Yellowstone NP/Elle Pollard 2018