Saturday, March 24, 2018

Blue In The Face

Earlier this week someone hit the Roebling Bridge causing authorities to be closed the bridge to all vehicles until repairs can be made.  Cincinnati photographers, myself included, have flocked to the bridge to take advantage of the opportunity to safely photograph the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge.

The second winter storm of our new spring season moved in this morning. Hoping the weather would keep most photographers away, I woke at 5 am to head to Cincinnati. Early morning plus snowstorm equaled a win for me. It was just me and my friend Michelle. We took pictures until Michell was blue in the face. Literally, she was so cold she was turning blue! That is what I call a good friend, hang with me until she is on the edge of hypothermia. 

No Michelle's where hurt in the making of this image. :) 

Roebling Bridge pre-sunrise in B&W / Elle Pollard 2018


  1. I survived the blistering cold! Not many friends/photographers I would turn blue for... but the Seal sighting was a bonus!

  2. Bahaha who know Cincinnati had a suspension bridge seal! 😂